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Tigers Opening Day (CBS Radio Event)

At AV7 Productions we love nothing better than to grab our gear and hit the road! We can provide Sound Lighting for any size show anywhere! Every event that matters enough to happen matters enough to have good Sound.

Race For The Cure (Lansing, MI)

Our years of experience running sound every week at many different venues has given us an edge over all other company’s! And, with AV7 you'll always get top quality gear!
Call us at (586) 489-3097 to discuss your next event.

ALJC National Youth Conf (Orlando,FL)

From small tent revivals to arenas
AV7 Productions is your source for Sound.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality services and equipment in the industry.


New Years Eve (Detroit, MI)

Audio Equipment AV7 Uses:

JBL VT-4880, VT-4880 Line Array speakers
Electrovoice Speakers
Crown & QSC Amplifiers
Yamaha, Avid Digital Consoles
Yamaha, Soundcraft, Crest Analog Consoles
Shure Wireless

Harley Fest (WRIF Radio Event)

Simply put, AV7 delivers clear intelligible audio. Sound reinforcement enables each attendee to clearly hear people, music and other audio information from any seat within the venue. Whether your event has 200 or 20,000 attendees, our professional sound systems are renowned for their clean, clear, crisp, sound reproduction.

4th of July (Downtown Detroit)

Our team of experts will personally work with you to design a system based around the needs of your particular event. We provide the latest in digital audio mixing technology and AV7 comes prepared with all the necessary processing gear; EQs, compressors, effects along with a wide range of microphones.