Innovate - Improvise - Implement


Homecoming, prom, graduation . . .

these are major events that create amazing lifelong memories for teens! For over 20 years, AV7 Productions has been adding to the memories of millions of people across the country at their life events, concerts, and productions. AV7 Productions specializes in everything from intimate corporate gatherings to massive arena-style showcases.

In recent years, AV7 Productions has decided to diversify their it's approach and start focusing on the events that really make an impact in people's lives.

AV7 Productions is thrilled to work with school districts, booster clubs, and student councils to make dreams a reality as new pages turn in the next chapters of life. AV7 Productions strives to work within every school's budgetary parameters to bring visions to life. AV7 Productions has the capabilities to create world-class light shows, sound, staging, DJ's, confetti cannons, videography, and other special effects. Imagine bringing the vision experience of a mega concert to a personal venue!

AV7 Productions also prides itself on our abilities to capture your graduation day through its documentary-style videography packages.

Please call 586.489.3097 to speak with a representative at AV7 Productions today to see how they can make your school's dream a reality!