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Inferno (Auburn Hills, MI)

Nothing says "Professional" better than a killer show, and to make that show look killer
AV7 Productions should be your Lighting choice. Our design teams will come up with many different ideas and put a price tag on everything so you can decide the final look and cost of your production.

Inferno (Auburn Hills, MI)

We'd all love to have an unlimited amount of cash for all of our productions but we can design the best way to spend a little to get the maximum out of your production dollar!!!

Inferno (Auburn Hills, MI)

With our in house designers and programmers we will take your next event to a level even you hadn't drempt possible!


Apex Youth Conf (St John, PAI)

Lighting Equipment AV7 Uses:

Avolites Pearl Control
RGBW 3watt LED pars
575W & 1200W Spot & Wash Moving Head
108-3W LED Wash Moving Head
Straight & Arch Truss
Soft Goods
Conventional Lighting & Dimming
Follow Spots

Inferno (Aubrun Hills,MI)

Decor and visual effects can be enhanced with light, but only when it is designed with technicians that know their gear, and understand the clients overall goals. From clean, even stage washes to rich vibrant colors, AV7 can provide the technology for a mesmerizing light show or a simple stage presence.

Haunted Kingdom (Novi, MI)

The value of a lighting product is more than the energy you save. Among other things, it’s the quality of the lighting that you get as an end-result, and it’s the degree of confidence you can feel that a company is going to stand behind the work and provide you with the look to match your vision.